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Guiltless Chapter 9: The Arrival

At a minute past four on Monday morning, the black Jaguar eased into the Mount Vernon Plaza car park with dimmed headlights. Avery Ames killed the engine; stepped out and surveyed his surroundings. His left pocket beeped, as though on cue. He slipped in a hand and pulled out the...

Jan , 26

Guiltless Chapter 8: The Patriarch

‘As you are aware, Jazmin Garretts, student of GW university, was found murdered this morning in the alley beside the Void nightclub… ‘Today’s press conference will outline the details of the murder  and present key updates on the investigation… ‘We have apprehended Mr. Ryan Chow, a student at the university...

Jan , 25

Guiltless Chapter 7: The Body

Kate felt numb, an emotional vacuum as she walked away from the Mayor’s office; followed by white hot indignation; then a sobering hopelessness. He’d cross the line, on a professional and personal level. It was humbling, feeling so small, vulnerable as he’d probed details of her private life. What else...

Jan , 18

Guiltless Chapter 6: The Metro

Devino rode an elevator down to the sole platform at the GWU Station and scanned the crowd for Ryan Chow. A ‘BOLO’ had been issued to patrol officers operating at all Metro stations, alerting them of the possible flight risk. They’d scanned the upper level and mezzanine. It was time...

Jan , 12

Guiltless Chapter 5: The Mayor

Kate stared through the glass as Carl Gotti showed Shawn an A4 sized printout of Ryan’s face. The club patron took the grainy photograph and leaned forward, his face scrunched in a scowl as he looked at it. ‘Yeah that’s him, that’s the guy who assaulted her. Ryan Chow’ he...

Jan , 11

Guiltless Chapter 4: The Station

Susie Pelosi called Kate as she stepped out of her personal patrol car at the Daly Building. The DC Metropolitan Police Headquarters covered a sizable chunk of Indiana Avenue and was barely a 12 minute drive from the Void nightclub. ‘What’s the latest, Sue?’ said Kate. ‘I’ve got a Paul...

Jan , 10

Guiltless Chapter 3: The Mistake

The Chemist’s phone interrupted his sleep with a muted buzzing. His brain, foggy with sleep, compelled him to blindly reach for it on the nightstand. It wasn’t there. He opened his eyes and stared at the unfamiliar apartment. His brain kicked into second gear; trying to make sense of it...

Jan , 8

Guiltless Chapter 2: The Chief

At the murder scene, Kate Hounslow shivered in the autumn chill and tugged at the winged collar of her navy blue overcoat. She instinctively thought of the inviting warmth of her standard issue Chrysler, then her bed. As the DC Metropolitan Chief of Police she had become more accustomed to...

Jun , 11

Guiltless Chapter 1: The Chemist

‘Can I see some ID please?’ The two girls handed over their driver’s licenses. The Chemist, part time hitman and drug cook, stared at the plastic cards; pretending to inspect them, even though he already knew they were fakes. To his right stood Shawn. The six foot, well muscled club...

Jun , 9

Guiltless Chapter 0: The Cipher (Classified)

‘You’re full of surprises, aren’t you?’ The hooded man stood alone in the rain. In his gloved left hand he gripped a pair of folded sunglasses; rendered useless by the night and droplets clinging to its curved Perspex lenses. At other times they served to hide, to obscure his true...

Jun , 4
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