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Who, or what, is Swift James?

Swift James is a pseudonym. I’m firstly a storyteller (writing is my preferred medium). I’m a sucker for all things thriller with a dab of espionage so naturally those are the things I write about.

What are your interests?

I’m a compulsive reader- with an ever growing reading list of fiction and nonfiction. I’m also deeply passionate about education and the process by which we learn. I was fortunate to have the best education available to me. In retrospect I realized I didn’t tailor my strengths to the learning process and vice versa. I’d like to help people make more informed life decisions.

Sounds boring. What do you do for fun?

Writing is fun, sometimes. I’m an amateur bass player and sketch artist when I’m not fighting the urge to throw my laptop at a wall.

What is the Swift James Group?

We’re a bunch of artistic friends supporting one another. The name wasn’t planned; as the Lead Writer the group came to be identified by my pen name… are you still with me?

I’m confused…

Quite frankly, so am I.

What are the others like?

They are exceptional. Remi’s programming prowess proved useful in designing our website. There’s a very talented baker in the group but I’m not permitted to name her on here. They all appreciate a good story but bring other skills to the table.

Skills like?

Book cover design and music, SlimT donated his song for use in our book trailer. It’s called Ojo (Rain) which has a very appropriate meaning when you read Guiltless; the first book in a psychological thriller series we are working on.

Where can I watch the trailer?

It’s up on our YouTube channel right now! You can watch it here

When is the book release?

We’ll be releasing it on the Amazon ebook store in September. Print on Demand versions will come a bit later.

Thank you for your time.

You’re welcome, thank you.

Book Cover

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