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Guiltless Chapter 19: The Maverick

My apartment was empty when I got home. I was disappointed when I remembered Pam would be out for the night. She was my little blonde ray of sunshine in many ways. With her gone I was left to my thoughts, and quickly became moody and homesick. There were two...

Mar , 31

Guiltless Chapter 18: The Break In

We worked late into the night. Pam called to ask if I’d be joining her for dinner. I declined; Mr. Fischer had ordered us burgers in a show of hospitality before leaving. It was my chance to watch Claire prep Ryan. She had a tremendous ability to focus on the...

Mar , 28

Guiltless Chapter 17: The Friend

Thursday’s weather was less nippy, with light winds; perfect for an afternoon rendezvous with Pam and Henry at the West Potomac Park. Our hangout was the scenic view by the Tidal Basin, with the Washington Monument visible in the distance. The cherry trees were yet to bloom, but would be...

Mar , 27

Guiltless Chapter 16: The Feeb

I felt a  strong sense of foreboding as I walked into Lindsey’s on Wednesday morning. Offering to help Claire felt like picking at the edges of an old wound. Or stirring up still water. There was a part of myself I’d locked away in the deepest recesses of my mind....

Mar , 20

Guiltless Chapter 15: The Arraignment

I arrived at Judiciary Square ten minutes early that morning. The Carl Moultrie Courthouse, an imposing white building, towered over the journalists and camera crew who stood on its steps. Some rehearsed their opening lines as they prepped to report live to their stations. Others typed  furiously on their smartphones;...

Mar , 5

Guiltless Chapter 14: The Prosecution

I didn’t answer. The eavesdropper leaned to his right, looking over my left shoulder. ‘Public Defender, Claire Anderson. Associate at Fischer & Kohn Legal Services’ he said. ‘ADA Walter Gravitt’ said Claire from behind me. She dropped her pen, got to her feet and turned around to face us. ‘Trying...

Feb , 27

Guiltless Chapter 13: The Counselor

‘How did you find me?’ Detective Devino kept his eyes on the road as he maneuvered his 99 Malibu through traffic. ‘Your hair’ he said. ‘What?’ ‘Chow gave me your description and asked me to try the library. Obviously I couldn’t see your face but I spotted your hair while...

Feb , 23

Guiltless Chapter 12: The Summon

I never made it to Lindsey’s Red Lion, nor did my morning study session go as expected. My mind, the little engine that couldn’t, kept taking detours; wandering back to Ryan. I was furious at my inability to string two studious; boring; safe thoughts together. I gave up after three...

Jan , 29

Guiltless Chapter 11: The Dossier

‘I see, so she’s a CIA intern ‘ said Avery. They sat at their apartment’s coffee table as Avery pored over the dossier compiled by Giles Creed. It was detailed, and extensive, but raised as many questions as it answered. Jean Wellings was recruited straight out of Whitney Young high...

Jan , 28

Guiltless Chapter 10: The Student

I knew I’d been rejected as soon as I saw the thin brown envelope. I decided to get it over with. I inhaled deeply, slowly and peeled the sealed flap loose. My hands felt awkward, cumbersome as I unfolded the letter and read it. ‘Dear Jean Wellings , Thank you...

Jan , 27
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